The Rebel features Bad Boy's signature power at a price designed for homeowners. Choose from 5 powerful engines and 3 heavy duty deck sizes to give your yard a professional quality cut every time.



The 2024 Rebel comes loaded with premium features for a better mowing experience. You'll get our adjustable suspension seat, run-flat tires, built-in striping kit, speed tracking, and adjustable handles at no additional cost.



The Rebel is built to fit your mowing style. Adjust the premium seat, handles, and pedals however you want for a mowing experience like no other.



The Bad Boy Rebel Zero-Turn Mower continues to break the rules, especially when it comes to commercial-grade power at a reined in price. Built on the legacy of classic Bad Boy Mower performance and strength, the Rebel carries on the Bad Boy tradition of pure cutting performance. You'll love the Dual High-Performance Hydro-Gear 4400 Integrated Drive System. Almost everything from your seat to your feet is adjustable, including the steering arms and the new adjustable footrest. And the Rebel mower is loaded with premium standard features, like exclusive Reaper® rear tires, no-flat front tires, striping kit, speed tracking and more.


This Rebel is born and proudly made in Batesville, Arkansas, USA. Strength is one of the main reasons it stands out. A heavy-gauge, all-steel, all-welded and fabricated 1.5˝ x 3˝ frame rail provides a backbone that's built to last a lifetime. And Rebel's Armor-Tek deck makes this mower tough to beat. Made from quarter-inch, all-welded, all fabricated steel, you'll immediately see why this deck is legendary. The sides are 3/8” thick, and patented Dual Deck Support Isolators, with deck wear pad, help minimize damage from side impacts. The PEER maintenance-free spindles are made from strong ductile iron. We even added a deck step.


The Rebel Zero-Turn Mower is more comfortable than ever before, thanks to a completely new innovation. Instead of following the crowd, Bad Boy did what we do best. Rebelled. We designed an adjustable footrest – an industry first – and added front to back seat movement, putting you in total control of your sitting posture. Plus, the steering arms, the steering tension, even the pedals are adjustable as well. So go ahead. Rebel gives you the power to customize your set-up and mow exactly how you want. Completely comfortable.


Now you can transform your Rebel Zero-Turn Mower into a truly custom ride. Start with your engine. There are five high-performance options to choose from, including the all-new Kohler EFI and Kawasaki EVO EFI models. It's power you're after, these engines range from 27-35 horsepower. That will give you some extra kick. Next, choose from three deck sizes, 54”, 61” or go big with the 72”. All three are made with all-welded steel, giving you unmatched strength.

Then top off your Rebel mower with cutting-edge accessories, made to improve safety, functionality, performance, comfort, even your entertainment. It won't cost you anything extra, just roll them right into your mower's financing. And get ready to mow with an even badder attitude.