The Brilliant

The Brilliant offers you the beauty of a freeform swimming pool plus the luxuries of a splash pad and a built-in spa. Available in three lengths, this is the “brilliant” way to keep everyone happy.


Built-in spa located at the shallow end next to entry steps and fun pad.
Water cascades through spa spillovers to pool and fun pad, providing a beautiful water feature
Large built-in fun pad provides the perfect playground for adults and children alike
Splash pad depth (top to bottom) is approximately 18″
Secondary bench area located at the deep end of the pool
Convenient entry and exit steps


Length Width Shallow Deep
40′ 15’6″ 4’8″ 6’8″
35′ 15’6″ 4’8″ 6’4″
30′ 15’6″ 4’8″ 6’0″



The Celebration

This pool offers you an 8 foot deep end making it suitable for a Class 1 diving board. It is a full 40 foot long pool with a front end entry on the right side of the pool.



Features a large, spacious swim corridor ideal for avid swimmers

Deep end plunges to an 8′ depth to allow for a type 1 diving board

A ledge runs along the shallow end entry-side, providing bench seating and an area for relaxation

The varying depths plunge to 8’ accommodating swimmers of all heights


Length Width Shallow Deep
40′ 15′ 6″ 4′ 8′



The Freedom

A flat-bottom pool that is perfect for group play activities and to fulfill exercise goals. A full bench is situated at the front of the pool coupled with entry stairs along both sides of the pool. This pool allows for the placement of spa jets around it or even a full swim jet package. 


Large bench located at the step end with option to incorporate spa jets

Flat-bottom design makes it the perfect pool for playing games or exercising

Option to incorporate a swim jet system to provide resistance training for the avid swimmer

Convenient entry and exit steps allow access from both sides of the pool




Width Shallow Deep
30′ 13′ 1″ 4′ 11″ 4′ 11″
26′ 3″ 13′ 1″ 4′ 11″ 4′ 11″
22′ 11″ 13′ 1″ 4′ 11″ 4′ 11″