Bioguard Arctic Blue Winter 12K

Bioguard Arctic Blue Winter 12K

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BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kit is a premium off-season kit

Each kit contains Arctic Blue Algae Protector, Arctic Blue Shock, and winterizing instructions

Arctic Blue Algae Protector prevents the growth of all types of algae and is approved for use with all filter types

Arctic Blue Shock will oxidize and clarify through the off-season months and it is ideal for all pool surfaces

Make opening your pool in the spring a breeze with a BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kit!

Product Dosage:

One BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kit 12 treats up to 12,000 gallons of water

Kit includes:

BioGuard Off-Season Arctic Blue Shock (2 lb)

BioGuard Arctic Blue Algae Protector (1 pt)


BioGuard Off-Season Arctic Blue Shock:

  1. Broadcast the entire dosage into the deep end of the pool
  2. Brush any undissolved product off the surface of the pool with a compatible brush
  3. Continue to circulate the pool for a minimum of 30 minutes before proceeding to the next step in the winterization process

BioGuard Arctic Blue Algae Protector:

  1. Add the appropriate amount of winter shock according to label directions of the product. Allow to circulate 2-4 hours
  2. Pour Arctic Blue Algae Protector into the pool around the edges with the pool circulation system operation
  3. Circulate pool water for 1 hour
  4. Clean filter and pool walls at water line

In areas with severe freezing, drain pool equipment and plumbing lines or use an antifreeze recommended for swimming pool plumbing and equipment


BioGuard Arctic Blue Algae Protector:
Copper (metallic): 3.3%
Other Ingredients: 96.7%

BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Shock:
Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione: 58.2%
Other Ingredients: 41.8%