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EZ Spa Total Care 1lb

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EZ Spa Total Care 2lb


EZ Spa contains a clarifier, oxidizer, scale & stain inhibitor, water conditioner, and balancers. Keeps spa water clean and clear. Compatible with bromine, chlorine, ozone, and mineral sanitizers.

  • Simplifies spa water care
  • Once per week application
  • 2 lb. bottle


Taking care of your hot tub has never been easier thanks to the EZ Spa Hot Tub Total Care Weekly Water Chemical Treatment Blend.This hot tub chemical balancer is designed to work as a preventative treatment. Start using it with each fresh fill of the water and reapply once a week. Algae, sediment, and bacteria won't find any foothold and your water will remain crystal clear. Total Care is a special blend of clarifyer, oxide, balancers, and more that prevents problems before they start. You'll use fewer chemicals that are less harsh, meaning there won't be any stinging of sensitive eyes.The spa water preventative care supply includes 2 pounds of Total Care, plenty to keep even the largest home hot tubs or spas ready for guests at all times. Make your life a little easier and let the EZ Spa Hot Tub Total Care Weekly Water Chemical Treatment Blend take total care of your hot tub.Note: This item cannot be shipped to California and will be cancelled/refunded if order is placed.

  • Make sure your hot tub water is crystal clear and clean all summer long
  • 2 pound blend of concentrated hot tub maintenance chemicals
  • Preventative design uses fewer chemicals to stop problems before they arise
  • Designed for use with chlorine, bromine, salt, ozone, and mineral purifiers
  • Use weekly to keep your hot tub water ready for a dip at all times until the weather turns cold