Leisure Time Sodium Bromide 16oz

Leisure Time Sodium Bromide 16oz

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  • BENEFITS: Establishes immediate bromine reserve when using Leisure Time Brom Tabs
  • USE: Apply during the start-up process of the Leisure Time Simple Spa care program for bromine; Use .5 ounce per 100 gallons of spa water
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with bromine sanitizers
  • FEATURES: Eliminates chlorine odors; Most effective when used with Leisure Time Brom Tabs

Leisure Time Sodium Bromide

Low-odor, low-dust tablets fit all floaters. When used as directed, this product will sanitize spa and hot tub water, keeping it ready for use!

  • Leisure Time Sodium Bromide is not a sanitizer or a disinfectant.
  • It is used to establish a reserve of bromide in spa or hot tub water.
  • It is also necessary to use a sanitizer to sanitize the water.
  • Leisure Time recommends the use of Brom Tabs with Sodium Bromide.