Midnight Cove Chlorine Free Spa Shock - Moonlight Bouquet

Midnight Cove Chlorine Free Spa Shock - Moonlight Bouquet

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Oxidizing Shock infused with an exquisite combination of night jasmine, spring blossoms and sweet citrus. 

Fragrance Infused

Our professional grade spa shock infused with an extraordinary combination of scents. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy!

Quick Dissolve

Our spa shock is designed to dissolve quickly and completely, eliminating build up and assuring the best results.

Chlorine Free

Our oxidizer doesn't contain chlorine and works to break down the organic contaminants in your spa water.

About Us

Midnight Cove Spa Water Treatment is a division of Oxygen Water Products.

At OWP, we have families just like you and our first concern has always been to make spa water clean, clear and affordable using the power of oxygen.

Midnight Cove spa products are part of the Oxygen Water Products Group. OWP offers quality devices and blended water additives specially formulated for the healthiest water and the most gentle environment for human use.
We offer unique products for swimming pools, spas, and household use.