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Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner

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Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner

Benefits of using Spa Marvel

  • No more scum lines.
  • No more chemical hassles.
  • No more hot tub rash.
  • Gentle to skin and hair.
  • Conditions water for sensitive skin. People with eczema and psoriasis love using Spa Marvel as this hot tub water treatment actually improves their condition rather than irritate and dry their skin the way chemicals can.
  • Helps to maintain pH and alkalinity.
  • Prevents scale buildup from occurring and descales deep-seated buildup that can accumulate over time from regular use, especially in hard-water areas, resulting in stronger jets, quieter pumps, more efficient heaters, and overall greater longevity of your equipment.
  • Eliminates foam in a few hours without the use of defoaming agents.
  • Water so soft & odourless you won´t feel the need to shower after using your spa & hot tub.


One full bottle of Spa Marvel treats any tub up to 500 gallons (2000 liters), and lasts 3 months with regular use. Every 3 months simply add another bottle of Spa Marvel Hot Tub Water Treatment & Conditioner.  In a swim spa use 1 bottle once a month.  In a swimming pool use Pool Marvel.  You do not need to change the water as often as you typically would because you are not super-saturating the water with all kinds of chemicals on a routine basis and the TDS (total dissolved solids) of the water increase only marginally. Change your water as per your professional spa retailer’s guidelines, or when your Total Dissolved Solids (which your retailer can measure for you) approach 2,000 ppm, and do not go past 1 year without changing.  It is, however, good practice to change water every 3 months.

The natural enzymes for hot tubs contained in Spa Marvel are derived from plant extracts. Unlike chlorine, which sanitizes and essentially attacks and kills bacteria, these natural enzymes for hot tubs help to remove the food (organic waste) necessary for bacteria to live, which is in part how lakes and aquariums maintain themselves without using chlorine.

Other Uses

Many consumers successfully use Spa Marvel products for applications beyond just hot tub water treatment.


Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner

  • In koi ponds and aquariums to help maintain water quality and clarity.
  • In fish-farming to improve the aquatic environment.
  • In bird baths and other water features. Spa Marvel descales and prevents calcium and lime buildup in water- features, lubricates moving components and reduces surface tension to create an environment less-hospitable for mosquitoes. Water treated with Spa Marvel is safe in the event it is consumed by birds or pets.
  • In cooling towers to remove and to help prevent scale buildup.
  • For washing pets.
  • For cleaning. Spa Marvel does not stain anything including carpet and clothing. Great for cleaning pet stains and other organic matter.
  • In the washing machine. A couple of capfuls of Spa Marvel will help to clean clothes, and it will also descale buildup in the components of your washer. You will find that your washer runs more quietly after a few washes with Spa Marvel.