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SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolve Stain & Scale Tabs - 1.25 lb.

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SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolve Stain & Scale Tabs - 1.25 lb



These tabs are a compressed form of a phosphonate-based scale inhibitor to provide the best protection for a spa from scale formation. Due to the circumstances of a spa’s typical behavior, high temperatures and bather waste contribute to a rise in pH. This saturation index ratio can skew towards generating calcium scale. Weekly applications
of 1 tablet per 300 gallons will help this greatly. One bottle of product will treat average sized spas for up to 12 weekly applications. Due to HEDP’s incompatibility with the cationic polymeric properties of Spa Complete, temporary clouding may present itself if used together. With adequate circulation and filtration, the clouding should dissipate within 48 hours. The spa will still be usable as long as the water is adequately balanced.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolve Stain & Scale Tabs - 1.25 lb.


  • Controls metal-based staining & scaling
  • Protects spa and swim spa equipment and surfaces
  • Single-dose, 1” tab per 300 gallons – 1200 liters weekly
  • Bottle treats average-sized spa for 12+ weeks
  • Convenient tabs that quickly respond to key challenges in smaller bodies of water like spas and swim spas.

Directions for Use

  1. Simply drop a tab in the water, then watch it disperse chemicals without any added effort.

    Recommended For

    • Controlling metal-based stain & scale.
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