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SpaGuard Shock Oxidizing Tabs - 1.25 lb

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SpaGuard Shock Oxidizing Tabs - 1.25 lb



The Rapid-Dissolve Shock-Oxidize Tabs are a compacted way to accurately administer a weekly or as-needed dose of a shock-oxidizer (potassium monopersulfate) to oxidize contaminants introduced by bathers in a spa. Like the Rapid-Dissolve Stain & Scale Control Tabs and Rapid-Dissolve Alkalinity Increaser Tabs, they contain the same raw material that creates an exciting fizzing action at the time of application. Just add 1 tab in up to 300 gallons at least once a week. For spas with a higher bather load or more introduced bather waste, 1 tab per 200 gallons can be added twice a week. This product is a great shock-oxidizer to use that doesn’t contribute to the free chlorine residual, so the spa re-entry time is a quick 15 minutes. As with other products containing potassium monopersulfate, most test methods can show a false high total chlorine reading for up to 72 hours after application. One bottle of product will treat average sized spas for up to 12 single weekly applications.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x SpaGuard Shock Oxidizing Tabs - 1.25 lb.


  • Quickly oxidizes waste and contaminants.
  • Non-chlorine
  • Treats average-sized hot tubs for 12 weeks.

Directions for Use

  1. Simply drop a tab in the water, then watch it disperse chemicals without any added effort.

    Recommended For

    • Quickly oxidizing non-living waste and contaminants.

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